Dati Up Engineering PLC


is a dynamic and growing company, skilled to provide a full service in the facilities like civil elevators, any type of civil and industrial trucks, and equipment for disabled people from 1992.

The company provides the following services in the facilities field:




 Transformation and modernization

 Maintenance and repair of faults

 24 out of 7 emergency service

 Adjustments in accordance with the law


Dati UP is specialized in the design and implementation of advanced solutions for the elevation, in order to be positioned in houses, offices, shops, industrial and commercial structures.

The company is also equipped to handle special series, such as installations that require adjustments to the structure, or that include, in condominiums and old apartment buildings, a partial reduction of the ramps.

To ensure maximum functionality and safety of its customers, the company pays particular attention to the design of the facility. Before the installation of an elevator, they are first checked the available space in the building and subsequently the project is developed with specific timeline.


Regarding to the installation of new elevators, the company also takes care of electrical and metal masonry.

Dati UP proposes a wide range of installations (lifts, elevators, escalators and equipment for disabled people) taking care of the design, installation and maintenance through its advanced technologies and its skilled staff, that ensures high quality and operational speed in customer service.

It deals also the installation of dumbwaiter, used primarily in hotels and restaurants to connect the kitchen to the dining rooms and make it easier to transport trays and hoists for factories and warehouses.


Where necessary, the company provides the transformation and modernization of older facilities to restore both aesthetically and functionally. The restyling of elevators are mainly required for the redesign of the cabin. It is possible the repair or replacement of small simple pieces, such as the remote control, mirrors or handles for support.


The company also provides an efficient routine maintenance and repairs service, ensuring fast and efficient works.

The company’s maintenance service works in order  to avoid any lock of lift system: that is possible through the skills of the technical staff, which advises clients on a sudden repairs or replacement of worn or defective details.


Dati UP provides emergency service.


When a restyling of the lift is not necessary, it often happens that it is mandatory, however, its transformation.

Dati UP deals also the compliance of old systems by adjustments according with statutory requirements. Therefore they first provide a risk analysis of the facility and after that the adjustments scheduled on the timeline (the adjustment  can be completed in just six months time if the priority has been judged high).

Dati UP also supports the preparation of the documentation required  to the authorization and the fulfillment of the law.

After completing the maintenance work, actually, the company deals with all the documents required by law. Just in case the technical staff may experience failures or malfunctions of equipment during the technical check, they shall act promptly for the safety of structures and issues resolution.


The company performs according to the Italian Law 13/89 regarding to the removal of architectural barriers. Its elevators are great ways to improve the accessibility of domestic and public environments for people with disabilities or in wheelchairs, elderly and even young people with disabilities. There are also compact models, easy to be installed at home.

Regarding to the residential buildings, the minimum dimensions for cabins for disabled people are 130 cm deep by 95 cm in width, while the minimum distribution platform to the front door of the car must be 1.50 x 1.50 meters, necessary space for the movement in a wheelchair. Other standard features include:

• command control panel (internal and external) at a suitable height and equipped with Braille buttons;

• presence of intercom, alarm and emergency lighting;

• audible signal of arrival to the plan;

• the light signal to indicate any alarm condition.

Any type of solution can be customized according to the customer needs.